SB 791

83(R) - 2013
Energy & Environment

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Kel Seliger

Bill Caption

Relating to the regulation of low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities and radioactive substances.

Fiscal Notes

Estimated Two-year Net Impact to General Revenue Related Funds for SB 791, Committee Report 2nd House, Substituted: a positive impact of $2,200,000 through the biennium ending August 31, 2015. The bill would make no appropriation but could provide the legal basis for an appropriation of funds to implement the provisions of the bill.

Bill Analysis

Summary: SB 791 would allow the Texas radioactive waste disposal facility to accept waste from more sources than it currently does. It would also require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Department of State Health Services to use dedicated funds and a new account to manage the new sources of waste that the facility will be responsible for.

Analysis: SB 791 limits government by allowing more private companies to transport waste to this facility, however it creates fees and regulations to go along with the new allowances. We are neutral on this legislation.