SB 1173

83(R) - 2013
Criminal Justice

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Royce West

Bill Caption

Relating to procedures for the sentencing and placement on community supervision of defendants charged with the commission of a state jail felony.

Fiscal Notes

The probable fiscal impact of implementing the bill is indeterminate due to the unavailability of reliable data or information related to the sentencing practices that would occur if judges could sentence state jail felons to both community supervision and incarceration.

Bill Analysis

Summary: Interested parties note that state jails were originally intended as a diversion from more costly state prison incarceration for state jail felons. SB 1173 would require a presentence report to be presented to a judge in the case of a state jail felony. This report would contain recommendations for conditions of community supervision. This bill would require a judge prior to sentencing in a state jail felony case to review the presentence report. This bill would allow the judge to sentence the defendant to community supervision, excluding cases of certain controlled substances.

Analysis: SB 1173 could potentially save the taxpayers money and reduce recidivism. Community supervision aids individuals in their reintegration into society. We recommend voting YES on SB 1173.