HB 86

83(R) - 2013
Business, Industry, & Commerce
Economic & Small Business Development
Government Efficiency & Reform
Licensing & Administrative Procedures

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Bill Callegari

Bill Caption

Relating to the criteria for review by the Sunset Advisory Commission of an agency that licenses an occupation.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated

Bill Analysis

HB 86 enhances the oversight abilities of the Sunset Commission and legislature. If passed, HB 86 would allow the Commission to review agencies that set criteria for occupations and offer licensing programs. Sec. 325.115 would provide guidelines for the Sunset Commission to consider the neccessity of these agencies. If the market, less restrictive measures, or other private licensing programs could better serve the purpose of the agency, the Commission can include this in its recommendations to the legislature. Additionally, the Commission should consider whether the public interest is served through the state licensing of an occupation and include that in the report as well. 

HB 86 also gives legislators the ability to request Sunset Reviews on certain agencies as well as submit legislation that creates or amends regulation.

HB 86 has potential to limit the scope of government by strengthening oversight and increasing the transparency of government agencies. The public deserves to know whether or not state agencies, licensing programs, and occupational regulations are necessary or overly burdensome. By eliminating needless agencies and licensing programs, the state can save money and lessen its impact on the free market. We encourage the House to pass HB 86.