HB 827

83(R) - 2013
Homeland Security

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Ken King

Bill Caption

Relating to an agreement between the Department of Public Safety and a county clerk for the provision of renewal and duplicate driver's license and other identification certificate services in certain counties.

Fiscal Notes

This estimate reflects the costs associated with DPS entering into agreements with counties as allowed by the legislation. To the extent that DPS does not enter into agreements, the costs represented here would not be realized. In addition, the revenues remitted to DPS by the counties would be to the credit of DPS under current law, and therefore are not shown in this estimate. DPS would need to create and update program content, modify Information Technology (IT) software applications, and communicate and train agency staff. It is assumed all 254 Texas counties could participate in this program for provision of renewing or duplicating driver licenses and other identification certificate services. It is assumed the greatest cost would be in fiscal year 2014. It is estimated in fiscal year 2014 it will take DPS staff 80 hours to monitor, adjust and implement certain requirements of this bill. The average cost per hour for DPS staff and related overhead is $40 per hour. This DPS staff time will cost the agency $3,200 in fiscal year 2014 and in each fiscal year thereafter. It is assumed in fiscal year 2014 that DPS will need to hire IT contractors for 777 hours for business analysis, development analysis, quality assurance, security analysis and project management for a cost of $82,385 in fiscal year 2014 only. Starting in fiscal year 2015, it is assumed the agency would require two new IT FTEs. It is assumed the bill would require $18,973,292 in fiscal year 2014 to fund the following IT and fixed equipment items at each of 254 counties: $2,540,000 for installing network services; $11,430,000 for network hardware; $3,874,092 for fixed equipment costs, such as desktops and fingerprint scanning devices; and $1,219,200 to pay for monthly line charges. It is assumed the IT and equipment costs after fiscal year 2014 would be $1,219,200 per year to pay ongoing line charges.

Bill Analysis

Summary: Current law does not authorize an entity other than the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to issue renewal and duplicate driver's licenses and personal identification certificates. HB 817 allows a county office to contract with the DPS to provide renewal and duplicate personal identification services.

Analysis: By allowing the DPS to contract out renewal services to counties, this bill could potentially alleviate the wait times at congested DPS offices. We are supportive of efforts to reduce wait times at DPS. However, this legislation will cost nearly $20 million to implement and more than a million dollars annually thereafter to maintain. This expands the size and scope of government for a nonessential purpose. Therefore, we oppose HB 827.