HB 3124

83(R) - 2013
County Affairs

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Eddie Lucio III

Bill Caption

Relating to authorizing a fee for county records technology and infrastructure costs.

Fiscal Notes

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. The Comptroller of Public Accounts reported that Bexar, Hidalgo and Real anticipate new revenue generated if the commissioners court of their respective counties adopts the fee. Assuming the fee would be adopted, Bexar County anticipates 558,800 annual collections for a total of $1,117,600; Hidalgo County anticipates 110,296 annual collections for a total of $220,592; and Real County anticipates 1,800 annual collections for a total of $3,600.

Bill Analysis

Summary: This legislation would authorize the county clerk of a participating county to add a $2 Records Technology and Infrastructure Fee to be used for the maintenance of county records and a records operations system.  Fees would be applied at the same time a person pays a fee for something under Local Government Code Sections 118.0216, 118.026, 118.068, and 118.102

Analysis: This bill assists in records maintenance and infrastructure of a County Government outside of raising proportional property taxes.  This is essentially a local control issue. The amount of records and the condition of the infrastructure will likely predict which counties will adopt this fee.