HB 3060

83(R) - 2013
Criminal Justice

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Abel Herrero

Bill Caption

Relating to the punishment for the offense of tampering with a witness and the evidence that may be offered to show that offense.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal implication is anticipated on the State or local governments.

Bill Analysis

Summary: HB 3060 would create procedures and penalties for witness tampering in a case of family violence. This bill would create a forfeiture of benefits of the witness tampering due to the wrongdoing of the defendant. HB 3060 would define coercing a witness as perpetrating an act of family violence with some intent to tamper with the witness.

Analysis: HB 3060 protects potential evidence from being tampered with, in this case the witness. This bill promotes individual liberty and limited government by attempting to ensure the integrity of proceedings in cases of family violence. We recommend voting YES on HB 3060.