HB 3030

83(R) - 2013
Criminal Justice

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Allen Fletcher

Bill Caption

Relating to payment of misdemeanor warrants and capias pro fine warrants.

Fiscal Notes

The bill would have a positive but indeterminate fiscal implication; the number of defendants who would choose the option provided in the legislation cannot be estimated at this time.

Bill Analysis

Summary: Interested parties report an exorbitant amount of uncollected payments for issued misdemeanor warrants and capias pro fine warrants in Texas. HB 3030 would require an arresting officer to inform the arrested person of their ability to immediately pay the fine via credit or debit card. This bill would allow the arresting officer to accept payment of the fine and related court costs on behalf of the court and, upon payment, release the arrested person. This bill only applies to Class C misdemeanors and offenses where a capias pro fine warrant has been issued.

Analysis: HB 3030 could possibly streamline the payment process for the payment of fines and lead to fewer people being arrested. This bill does not fall under any of our liberty principles, and we remain neutral on HB 3030.