HB 2875

83(R) - 2013
Transportation & Infrastructure

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Linda Harper-Brown

Bill Caption

Relating to the motor vehicle inspection program.

Fiscal Notes

DPS assumes all 10,000 inspections stations would be shipped an ink jet printer, USB printer cable, warranties and vendor support (totaling $2,970,000 in the fiscal year 2014 only). DPS also assumes each inspection station will be shipped 2 ink cartridges and 500 sheets of paper each year (totaling $3,465,029 in fiscal years 2014 and 2015,and $4,005,029 in fiscal years 2016-18). The General Revenue cost sums to $6,435,029 in fiscal year 2014, $3,465,029 in fiscal year 2015,and $4,005,029 in fiscal years 2016 through 2018. Local entities could see a negative fiscal impact due to the potential loss of revenue from fees collected for the Low Income Repair Assistance, Retrofit, and Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program. Additionally, county courts would see a decrease in fees associated with charges relating to inspection certificates. Reduced funding for local governments would vary but is not anticipated to be significant

Bill Analysis

Summary: This legislation requires TXDPS and DMV to enter into an agreement regarding timely submission of certain records and information and requires DPS to maintain a database in which inspection stations are required to submit.  This bill stipulates that the DPS will not be handing out printed verification of inspection forms instead of stickers.  This bill sets up a network of inspection stations where vehicle registrations are also performed.  This bill creates an offense for fraudulent emission test reports and fraudulent certificate. An offense for fraudulent certificates and documents will be prosecuted as Perjury, under Sec. 37 of the Penal Code. This bill requires TxDMV, DPS, and the TCEQ to adopt rules necessary for the full implementation of this law.

Analysis: This bill essentially consolidates vehicle inspection and registration into one operation. This legislation falls outside the purview of TPPS’s liberty principals.