HB 1645

83(R) - 2013
Criminal Justice

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Debbie Riddle

Bill Caption

Relating to the monitoring of the Internet access of certain sex offenders placed on community supervision or released on parole or to mandatory supervision.

Fiscal Notes

No significant fiscal impact is anticipated on the State. Significant fiscal impact is a possibility for some local governments.

Bill Analysis

Summary: Some parties have noted that computers play a role in the victimization of child. Some parties also note that recent court decisions have stated that probation and parole agencies cannot restrict a sex offender's computer use as a condition of parole. HB 1645 allows the court to require the defendant to submit to a regular inspection of all electronic devices used by the defendant to access the Internet. Additionally, HB 1645 allows a restriction of Internet access to a sex offender with a numeric risk level of two (downgraded from three).

Analysis: Restricting a sex offender's Internet access while on parole is understandable. Inspecting electronic devices used by the sex offender while on parole will add in ensuring their compliance with the parole conditions. For these reasons, TPPA recommends voting yes on HB 1645.